About Us


Hello! My name is Anita.


I am an artist who has always been curious about spaces where spirituality, magic and reality meet. 


I founded Embody Your Destiny as a safe space for folks to explore and deepen their spiritual awareness and experience. 


Based on my 20+ years of practice, my guiding principles are:


>> Energy is Real 

>> Everything is Energy

>> Anything is Possible

When you join me in my Mystical Membership, each month I will guide you through a gentle energy clearing session and provide nurturing self-care practices that you can do at your leisure.


Before we dive in together, let me share a quick story with you about a small miracle. (That being said if you are ready to jump in, sign up here.)


When I was in college, I worked loads of odd jobs. For a while, I was a museum guard. I enjoyed listening to people talk about the art as they strolled through the galleries.


Mostly, I was curious about which pieces they liked and why. Did they like the same paintings I did?  


In the course of my research, I was surprised to discover that some people found abstract art offensive.


They often wondered in loud hushed voices, "Why doesn't the artist just come right out and say it already!"


So, as the artist, I’m coming out and saying it: 

You are loved.


A long-time meditator, energetic healer, artist and entrepreneur, I help people clear their limiting beliefs, thoughts, and fears around money, love and creativity. 


My art practice has expanded beyond the walls of my art studio. To be honest, it’s continuing to evolve, and my role as the hostess of Mystical Studios is to Show Up, Choose Love and Play Big.


What that looks like right now is sharing good vibes through a set of Intention Cards and supporting others in resetting unknown subconscious limits in a private Mystical Membership


started practicing meditation and energetic healing work in 1999. Before that, I read every book about chakras and auras I could get my hands on. Since then, I've done thousands of psychic readings and energetic healings, and have a vibrant personal meditation practice.  


As a kid, I was pretty sick. I was allergic to everything. Once, when I was four years old, I had such a strong reaction to dust that I was rushed to the hospital for an emergency tracheotomy. [ That's when they cut a hole in your throat so you can breathe. ]


I don't remember much of it, other than waking up in a hospital bed and not being able to talk. Owning my voice has been a big theme for me as an adult. [ Surprise! ]


Later, in my late 20's, I lived and worked at a retreat center in northern California for six months. To a city girl, living on the side of a mountain in a tent sounded crazy to me! But let's be clear, I was not roughing it.


Each morning, I had the luxury of walking down the mountain to a little organic restaurant and having bacon, eggs and coffee for breakfast with my friends. Honestly, I was in heaven. 


During this time, I craved eggs. I HAD to have EGGS every morning. I thought it was kind of strange, but chalked it up to my body wanting protein, and perhaps detoxing. I wasn't really worried about it, but it was noticeable.  


At this retreat center, I got to experience various healing modalities. Teachers came through for workshops, and we would trade sessions. 


Around this time, a man came through who was an allergy elimination practitioner. I didn't feel like I had any allergies at the time, but he wanted a reading, so I agreed to a trade.


His process included a series of tests using muscle testing, or kinesiology, while holding a vial of a known allergen. When an allergy was identified, he would clear the allergy by finding where the clients' energy system was triggered or blocked, and he would work his magic to release it and re-establish a healthy flow.


You will never guess what I was having an allergic reaction to at that time?




After he did the clearing, my cravings were gone. 


The next morning, I happily ordered oatmeal with fresh blueberries, picked from the side of my mountain.


Fast forward 10+ years later, my Deep Energy Clearing technique works with your subconscious, and our collective unconscious, in a similar way.


When I started experimenting with this technique, instinctively, my body (and subconscious) immediately knew that this process was similar to what I experienced clearing the low-grade allergic reaction to eggs but with things I was completely unaware of.


Yes, it took me a hot-minute to wrap my head around that, but I trusted my instincts and I dove in headfirst.


I've had huge breakthroughs around owning my voice.


[ I started a podcast?! And I LOVE my voice?!?! Totally unforeseeable. ] I was hooked and wanted to share it with others


One of the key beliefs I've cleared since then was around resistance. 


I was subconsciously resisting receiving, even when I was outwardly begging for help! [ So frustrating! ]


In a session with one of my teachers, we tested for my block around resistance. When we found it, it made no sense to her, but all the sense in the world to me. 


"Resistance Protects Me."


When I was four years old and almost dying, I had to resist death.


As a four-year-old, when I had that allergic reaction to dust, and I was rushed to the hospital for an emergency tracheotomy, I remember choosing to stay and resisting the part of me that wanted to die.


So, I cleared that imprint and felt an immediate shift….and started sharing this work with others.


Where would you like to see a shift in your life?


Whether you are…. 

Ready to clear that annoying pattern that keeps showing up again and again in your life, you know - the one that you joke about with your friends that it’s like clockwork 


You don’t know what ‘it’ is exactly, but you feel ‘it’ lurking in the back of your awareness, and you are ready to let ‘it’ go or integrate it


You know EXACTLY where you want to experience changes in your life and you are ready to do anything it takes to make it happen


You have an active personal practice and you are ready to DEEPEN YOUR EXPERIENCE of being the CREATOR of your life and start manifesting more miracles


Join me in our next round of energy practices and change your life!


Every month, I’ll walk you through a Deep Energy Clearing practice together.


There is a recording, so you can do it when the timing is right for your schedule. It’s like Netflix for your Soul!


And don’t worry, there are no strings attached. If you try it, and it’s not for you, I won’t be offended if you unsubscribe. 


Sign up here and Show Up for your date with your destiny!


All Love,




Anita Brey  (pronounced: br - EYE)  is an artist, healer, and teacher devoted to cultivating and empowering awareness. Inspired by her 20+ years of experience as an intuitive healer and meditator, she founded Embody Your Destiny in 2014 to share practices on how to deepen our relationship with spirit while living a modern life. In addition to her  Deep Energy Clearings, she offers private mentorship for people who want to experience energy in a real, tangible way. In her free time, she sings, paints and soaks in the tub.



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